Sunday, September 12, 2010

just for now

I don't know why but i feel like using this blog to spill my mind for a little while. maybe just writing things down will help me sleep. so far I'm not living up to my goal of sleeping better. its already 3 am and i didn't get much sleep last night but i still cant fall asleep yet. speaking of 3am, that reminds me i need to get that sound about 3am. on one of many side notes there are so many things wrong with this world that really shouldn't be but because of the way people as a whole are its not going to change any time soon. for example have you ever seen those sad commercials about donating money to helping animals. how good you would feel if you called up and donated all you could afford then the next commercial was about children starving somewhere and now you couldn't help. are these really the priority's of the world. what needs to be done is have the more human problems dealt with first but no because resource are spreed so thin nothing gets done. so many resources are wasted on pointless things or at least less important things. kinda related i was wondering just exactly how much money is raised for cancer research and so forth and how it is all spent. maybe I'm just a pessimist but i believe that more than half the money if probably just spent advertising to get the donating, i want to see where it all actually goes and why with the millions or more spent so little progress is made in this ever advancing world. maybe tomorrow ill list some movies and amines i found enjoyable or mind opening. i wouldn't mind a few suggestions for good movies that motivate or get you to think

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