Monday, September 20, 2010

fake smiles

Fake Smiles
The fall of night starts it again
Finally out looking for a friend
Some are found but are they true
They don’t even speak to you
Strange and familiar faces all around
Pointless talk is the only sound
People leave and then you follow
Hopes for the night have become so hollow
Back in the crowd, yet all alone
Inside you ace and moan
Drifting for the crowds edge
Inside your head you’re at a ledge
You see a smile and reflect one back
Emotion is what yours dose lack
That smile wasn’t meant for you
Another mistake but that you already knew
Empty smiles hurt so much
In your pocket your fist does clutch
Still pretending and wearing that smile
Inside you hurt and your faces lie feels vial
On the sidelines your fake smile shows
Will it catch someone eye, who really knows?
Alone again you walk away
A wasted smile, a wasted day


  1. ill see if i can write something a bit happier the next time i have a good day

  2. May be a depressing poem. But I can totally relate to this some days.

  3. yes wafflehaus, i wrote all the poems on here my self. a few of them i wrote a while ago but i'm going to write some newer ones when i get some time.

  4. wow, really depressing... yeah, I also often smile without being really happy... I just.. do it :/

  5. Hey man following and supporting. hit me back