Monday, September 13, 2010


Well i finally beat Final Fantasy 13 and it only took me 56 hours. Ha ha a good waste of my time only because i beat my friend to the end. He had a head state because i didn't even have a system that could play it till a few weeks after he got the game but right now his system is broken and waiting for to get fixed so i guess its even.

All and all it was an OK game, i didn't like it as much as i liked some of the older FF games. I didn't really care to much for any of the main characters and there was little free will in the game. For the most part you only had one way to go with no options. just keep walking down the path with the story line and no free exploring allowed, at least untill you got to go back to grand pulse but even that was limited. with any luck the next one will be better, not counting 14 or any other of the online ones. I'm not really a mmorpg type of guy. They have no real goals or ends. it takes forever to level and to actualy get anywhere and im not really into needing groups of ppl to fight with me to actualy kill anything.

Time for some zombie killing. Left4Dead!


  1. Love both of those games! Gotta love the classic FF7 Though

  2. I want to play L4D2 but i dont have it. that will be the next game i get