Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts
Dark thoughts fill my head
I fear they will stay till I am dead
What they are I cannot say
For if I do I’ll be locked away

My greatest fear is losing control
Pain and suffering to others, the toll
For now I try to keep myself restrain
Struggling within just to stay a bit sane

I think back now, when did it all start?
Thoughts and dreams of evil and crimson art
Has black always been the color of my heart?
As a child so kind then inside I fell apart

Innocent and young only wanting to please
For the whole world I gave my best
But in the end a happy life was a cruel tease
Betrayed and abandoned by one, soon all the rest

How will this all end?
Is there hope for me?
Can my mind and heart mend?
To end this what is the key?