Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day one...

Well iv tryed this before but time going to try again. I want to change up my life and make something with it but everytime i "try" i just end up falling back in the same old habbits. This time i think ill try writting down a few goals and since im sharing this as a blog maybe ill be more motivated to keep up with it.

I might as well list what i want to change about my self and use it as a check list. Lets see now...

1. i want to get in shape. (im actualy under weight but i look like a twig)
2. i need to stop spending all my time on the computer
3. i need to start running again
4. i want to get to some type of normal sleep cycle. no more staying up till 5 or 6 am and sleeping in till 2
5. i need to stop skipping meals.
6. im indecisive
7. not the best speller
8. not very confident
9. to shy


1. Run almost every day
2. Find more races and win.
3. Do a marathon
(yeah, i like to run a lot)
4. Spend more time with my friends (why are our scheduals always different)
5. Do more creative things (learn guitar, draw, write)
6. Be more organized
7. Find something to motivate me (this is going to be a hard one)
8. Figure out what i want to do with my life (another hard one, and it would be nice if it wasnt a day job. It is is a day job it could atleast be one i could like)

Well thats it for now, this is just a quick start but if i keep it up every day and post my progress maybe it will work this time. By the way this is my first time actualy bloging so if anyone has and tips or sugestions feel free to send them my way.

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