Thursday, September 23, 2010


So the other night i had i kinda strange dream. well i guess any dream i actually remember end up being strange in someway or another. Anyway, the dream starts out with me and a few of my friends hanging out on top of some dunes above the beach. For some reason my one friend has her laptop with her i'm trying to put some roms on it for her but i cant find them on the flash drive i'm using. (iv heard that any writing you see in dreams is backwards or unreadable or something but everything on the laptop seemed fine in this dream.) as i'm doing this some surfers come up from the beach saying the waves are getting to big and its dangerous. right after them a wave washes up almost to the top of the dunes where we are. me and my friends are all thrilled and cant wait to get into the water, i though the laptop in a bad and put it on a hill just a bit high than the last wave was and start down the dunes to the beach. For some reason i find my self going down the dunes like a waterside but have to stop because the path is blocked a ways down the dunes. i end up running down the rest of the was to the beach and the waves are huge. then i wake up.
i thought it was an odd dream and just though i would share. i doubt it means anything but i may try interpreting it one day.