Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally back to running

just got done with a 3 mile run and it felt great. i know its not much but its a start. when i was in the middle of the woods something rather strange happened though.

There i was just over half way done with my run so i was over a mile in the woods and i started hearing sirens and lots of them. my first though was i should be to far in the woods to hear them. Maybe there was another forest fire like years ago and the truck were driving down the trails, making new paths and knocking down trees. That would be just my luck. i go for one run in the woods and get stuck in a forest fire.

The sirens just keeps getting louder and there were so many of them i started getting other ideas in my head. From the sound of it i though something big must be happening and if there was no fire what else could it be? being who i am my next concern was maybe it actually happened. Zombies! well by this point i was on my way back getting closer to civilization, where the undead might be. without even trying i became more aware of my surrounding. i heard more russeling in the woods than normal, stick snapping and such. I passed right next to a squeal on a tree that only ran in circles not away. i though that was odd then i saw some deer right next to the trail but one of them did not run ether. it just watched me. OK so the animals were acting a bit off and i was getting close to the road and school. if the dead were walking i would be seeing them any second. that face the the trail curved and there were more places to hid didn't help any. I would be leaving the woods with no defence, not even a cellphone to call for help. my only hope would be to get to my car before they saw me. just as i was about to leave the woods i heard something that sounded like a scream or maybe a howl. i wasn't sure but i couldn't stay in the woods. by this point the sirens had stopped but that could mean anything. they had been going longer that i normally hear them before. now out of the woods i walked slowly though the empty Field behind the school.

I was relieved when i heard human voices coming from the track just out of site, this was not the end but i guess i was a little disappointed as well. i finish my run with a cool down and some stretching. i never did find out why there were so many sirens or why they were on so long. i guess it may have just been a close by accident but still it made for an interesting run.

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