Saturday, April 7, 2012

from bad to worse

well my 12hour workday yesterday ended up being worse than i expected. on the way there my car decided to die. i think it was the tranny. so anyway, i had to get it towed and ended up being late to work. i am still waiting for the final word on what is wrong from my car so i will know that its proablty to expensice to fix and i just wont have a car but since it was still in the shop i had to break out my bike to get to work. i havnt really used it in a few years so it is not in the best of shape and neither am i for biking but its all i had. if i was working in my normal store biking would have been just fine but since i was borrow at a different store all this week i ended up haveing to bike 15 miles to work and 15 miles back. i have never biked so much in my life and now my body is killing me. all i want to do is laydown. oh, one more note on how lucky i am this week, my bike also got a flat just before i finished getting home. not sure is i should count that as good luck it didnt happen when i was 15 miles away from home or bad luck that i dont car or even my bike to get around in now.

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